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Virgin Publishing:
Doctor Who: The Left-Handed Hummingbird (1993)
Doctor Who: Set Piece (1995)
Doctor Who: SLEEPY (1996)
Doctor Who: Return of the Living Dad (1996)
Doctor Who: The Room With No Doors (1997)
Doctor Who: So Vile a Sin (with Ben Aaronovitch, 1997)
Walking to Babylon (1998)

BBC Books:
Doctor Who: Vampire Science (with Jonathan Blum, 1997)
Doctor Who: Seeing I (with Jonathan Blum, 1998)
Doctor Who: Unnatural History (with Jonathan Blum, 1999)
Doctor Who: The Year of Intelligent Tigers (2001)
Doctor Who: Blue Box (2003)
Doctor Who: Fallen Gods (with Jonathan Blum, 2003 - winner of the 2003 Aurealis Award for best Australian Science Fiction Novel)

(Seeing I, The Year of Intelligent Tigers, and Blue Box are available in paperback and/or electronic format via your country's version of Amazon, iBooks, ebooks.com, kobo, Google Play, and from Random House Australia.)

Big Finish Publishing:
Blakes 7: Mediasphere (with Jonathan Blum, 2015)

Short fiction

"The Bicycle Net" (Interzone, September 1997)
"Cactus Land" - (Realms of Fantasy, August 2000 - Honourable Mention in The Year's Best SF and Fantasy 2000)
"Flotsam and Jetsam" (Torchwood Magazine #19, Nov/Dec 2009)
"Rare Earth" (Torchwood Magazine #22, Jul/Aug 2010)
"Red-Handed" (Torchwood Magazine #24, Nov/Dec 2010)
"Head Case" (Cosmos 41, October/November 2011)
"Robbie Can't Dance" (Cosmos, 13 October 2014)
"Keeping Mum" (Cosmos, 10 March 2016)

"No-One Goes to Halfway There" (Decalog 4, Virgin, 1997)
"The Adventures of Kate Orman, Novelist" (Pretext: Salvage, Pen & Inc Press, 1999)
"Steal from the World" (The Dead Men Diaries, Big Finish Productions, 2000)
"Pyramid Scheme" (Outside the Box: the Best Short Fiction from Bookface.com, Wildside Press, 2001)
"And All the Children of Chimaera" (Passing Strange, Mirrordanse Books, 2002)
"Ticket to Backwards" (Agog! Fantastic Fiction, Agog! Press, 2002)
"Solar Max and the Seven-Handed Snake Mother" (A Life of Surprises, Big Finish, 2002)
"In the Days of the Red Animals" (Agog! Terrific Tales, Agog! Press, 2003)
"The Peter Principle" (Life During Wartime, Big Finish, 2003)
"No Exit" (Doctor Who Short Trips: Steel Skies, Big Finish, 2003)
"The Southwell Park Mermaid" (Doctor Who Short Trips: Life Science, Big Finish, 2004)
"Buried Alive" (A Life Worth Living, Big Finish, 2004)
"Culture War" (Doctor Who Short Trips: 2040, 2004)
"Nobody's Gift" (Doctor Who Short Trips: The History of Christmas, 2005)
"All Mimsy Were the Borogoves" (Nobody's Children, Big Finish, 2007)
"White on White" (Doctor Who Short Trips: Christmas Around the World, Big Finish, 2009)
"Black Sky Mining" (In Uniform, Slash Books, October 2010)
"Don't Do Something, Just Sit There" (Bernice Summerfield: Present Danger, Big Finish, September 2010)
"The Five-Dimensional Man" (Doctor Who: Short Trips, vol. 3, Big Finish, May 2011)
"Crocodile City" (Truth or Dare, Slash Books, July 2011)
"Playing for Time" (Liberating Earth, Obverse Books, January 2015. I also edited this anthology.)


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