Dec. 31st, 2017

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Isaac Asimov. Eight Stories from The Rest of the Robots.
-- The Naked Sun
Bandi. The Accusation: Forbidden Stories From Inside North Korea.
William S. Burroughs. The Cat Inside.
Alexander Dumas. The Black Tulip. I can't believe I read an entire book on my phone.
Buchi Emecheta. The Joys of Motherhood.
Franz Kafka. The Castle.
Han Kang. The Vegetarian.
Natsume Sōseki 夏目 漱石 Kokoro (translated by Ineko Kondo). I had trouble grasping this classic Japanese novel. This review was helpful.
Frederik Pohl. Man Plus.
Cat Sparks. Lotus Blue.
Daniel H. Wilson. Robopocalypse.
Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams (eds). Robot Uprisings.

Running fiction tally: white guys: 5 everyone else: 6

Alison Bechdel. Are You My Mother?
Nigel M. de S. Cameron. Will robots take your job?
Eugénie Crawford. A Bunyip Close Behind Me and Ladies Didn't.
Suzanne Crowder Han. Notes on Things Korean.
John DeFrancis. The Chinese language: fact and fantasy.
Lauren Marks. A stitch of time: the year a brain injury changed my language and life.
Sy Montgomery. The Soul of an Octopus.
Illah Reza Nourbakhsh. Robot Futures.
Candace Savage. Bird brains: the intelligence of crows, ravens, magpies, and jays.
Patrick Smith. Cockpit Confidential. A friendly flying companion which explained, amongst other things, all the weird noises. :)
Ruth Snowden. Understanding Jung. You gotta start somewhere.

Notable short stories: Daniel H. Wilson, "Small Things"; Octavia Cade, "The Stone Weta"

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