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Recent events have meant a lot of news coming out of Manus Island. More on that later, but I wanted to catch up on my Nauru bookmarks first. Under Nauruan law, peaceful protests are illegal, but refugees continue to protest despite beatings and jail time.

Nauru security guard charged, sacked after alleged attack on refugee
(ABC, 5 August 2017)

Women of Nauru: seeing my sons in a school uniform is my only dream (GA, 17 February 2017)

Nauru blocks Australia's immigration department releasing data requested under FOI  (SMH, 15 February 2018) "Fairfax Media used freedom of information laws to request incident logs for the Manus Island and Nauru facilities between August 2015 and April 2016. However, after eight months, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection advised the records for Nauru had been blocked to protect 'international relations'."

Nauru refugee says medical treatment withheld after he had heart attack (GA, 21 December 2016) | Refugee on Nauru claims medical treatment for severe heart problems delayed without reason (ABC, 21 December 2016). More life-threatening bureaucratic bungling. I wish I could find more recent news on this refugee.

‘Cutting it fine’: Questions raised over future of Nauru detention contracts (SBS, 12 April 2017) Another thing I'd like to find more news on - the current contracts run out at the end of October.

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Vigils will be held nationwide on Wednesday 19 July 2017 to demand the detainees on Manus and Nauru be safely evacuated to Australia. The United Nations has called for the immediate evacuation of both camps.

The illegal detention centre on Manus Island will close on 31 October. Services are being closed down in an effort to force refugees out, including food and the gym, which is critical to detainees' mental health. The refugees are being told to go to the Lorengau Transit Centre, where they fear attack from Papua New Guinean locals - with plenty of good reason, given four violent robberies of refugees in the last month. Some refugees are in danger of refoulement. Essentially, the men are being punished for having been illegally imprisoned.

Doctors for Refugees tell the story of a maintenance worker at the Manus Island detention centre who saved a refugee's life by defying the government's gag order.

"The Australian Border Force admitted internally that it failed to respond appropriately to allegations of sexual assault and abuse on Nauru but did not disclose these findings to a parliamentary inquiry."

Despite being recognised as a refugee, Pari, the partner of Omid Masoumali, has been indefinitely detained in isolation in Australia since Omid's terrible death in April 2016. "He was ambitious, intelligent, invincible. But after three years, even Omid was broken." As many as fifty similar suicide attempts and threats of suicide followed his death.

In an excerpt from a compilation of Nauru detainees' stories, They Cannot Take the Sky, Benjamin describes the three years since his arrival with his family at age eighteen. "I wasted all of the best time in my entire life, the time that I was about to make my future happen, the time that I promised myself I would study hard and become the best." He also describes Omid's suicide attempt, which he witnessed.

A severe outbreak of dengue fever on Nauru affected at least one in ten refugees.

The savage damage done to the mind of a five year old refugee girl imprisoned with her family on Nauru has resulted in an out of court settlement. Her family is currently in community detention in Brisbane. Another five year old girl was compensated for similar damage done on Christmas Island.

Meanwhile, a refugee family have been split by detention for three years, with father and son left on Nauru while mother and daughter receive medical treatment in Australia

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Child asylum seeker wins government payout over Christmas Island detention trauma (GA, 26 April 2017). The girl, "suffered recurrent dental abscesses and recurrent allergic reactions while in detention on Christmas Island and was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression with anxiety, separation anxiety, stuttering and bed-wetting." | Children are being damaged in detention – Australia's day of reckoning will come (GA, 27 April 2017)

Catching up on links.

At What Cost? The Human, Economic and Strategic Cost of Australia's Asylum Seeker Policies and the Alternatives. Report from Save the Children and UNICEF, September 2016.

Detention abuse inquiry did not interview children so as to not 'traumatise them further' (GA, 6 March 2017) IIUC the report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is due at the end of this year.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Report on Christmas Island (August 2016). From the introduction: "The Christmas Island detention centre holds around 30 men seeking asylum mixed in with about 200 men exiting prisons from across Australia after serving sentences of varying length for crimes of varying severity. This places the men seeking asylum at significant risk of harm due to the simmering resentment of some of the ex-prisoner population. The effects of the extreme isolation, fear of violence, uncertain future, and lack of adequate mental health care has had a deeply dehumanising effect on these men. The detention centre on Christmas Island is run as a high security military camp where control is based on fear and punishment and the extensive internal use of extrajudicial punishment by force and isolation is evident." | 'I do not deserve this,' pleads asylum seeker detained with violent criminals on Christmas Island (SMH, 27 September 2016) | Australia's forgotten detention centre: the peculiar torture of Christmas Island's asylum seekers locked up with hardened criminals (SMH, 17 September 2016)

This is the most recent news I can find on the boat that sank off Christmas Island: Siev 221 tragedy: class action adjourned as asylum seeker boat survivors seek documents (GA, 28 September 2016)

Going even further back in time: Christmas Island detention centres to close as part of immigration savings (GA, 12 May 2016) They won't be mourned (the shire president describes them as having been "a disaster" for the community.)

End Immigration Detention of Children is a worldwide organisation; their Australian branch is the End Child Detention Coalition.

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Peter Dutton defends comments over 'five-year-old' boy and Manus shooting incident (ABC, April 23 2017) | 'I have facts you don't': Immigration minister Peter Dutton stands by Manus claims in fiery interview (SMH, April 23 2017) Dutton overboard? We live in hope. ETA: Turns out the ten year old's approach to the centre took place two weeks before the attack. | 'Ridiculous': Peter Dutton contradicted for third time over Manus Island brawl explanation (SMH, 24 April 2017) Manus MP Ron Knight: "His comment that he knows more than we do is ridiculous."

Government dismisses shootings on Manus Island (The Saturday Paper, 22 April 2017). Iranian refugee Behnam Satah: "I know for sure that there was a few real Wilson heroes that night in security which did many things to stop navy from entering compounds. But people don’t trust them because we know for sure Australia can extract all his citizens whenever it wants. They could just go and leave us." Behrouz Boochani: "Some refugees feel better with the officers because some of them protect them on that night. I don’t think this make relationship better between refugees and guards because the refugees have lost four friends in this island and also the officers during the big hunger strike on January 2015 beat the refugees and put them in Lorengau jail. The refugees have had very bad experiences with this system."

Waiting for America (SMH Interactive, April 2017) "As the fate of the US-Australia refugee deal hangs in the balance, Michael Gordon and Alex Ellinghausen visit Manus Island to find out who might be gifted a new life, and what will happen to those left behind."

I posted a while back that International Health and Medical Services had been kicked off Manus for practising unlicensed, leaving refugees with only basic and emergency healthcare. Here are earlier links from the lead-up to that: Manus Island: IHMS accused of running medical centre without a licence (GA, 3 March 2017) | Manus Island medical clinic may be shut down, PNG Government says (ABC, 4 March 2017)

An audit of IHMS held last year showed dangerous incompetence: Immigration healthcare provider failed to run police checks on staff on Manus (GA, 16 February 2017) They also lost the working-with-children check run on one staff member, and "failed to provide evidence it provided appropriate vaccination coverage for children, child health milestones or specialist referrals".

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Asylum seekers living Australia, prevented from applying for refugee status, are suddenly faced with intricate paperwork which must be completed at once or they risk deportation. The Asylum Seeker Resources Centre urgently needs donations to provide legal help.

Dengue fever outbreak on Nauru threatens health system (GA, 25 February 2017)

Manus Island asylum seeker with cardiac condition flown to Australia (SBS, 17 February 2017)

Refugee Loghman Sawari granted bail in Papua New Guinea after charges (GA, 17 February 2017)

Lawyers to argue Manus Island detention is false imprisonment (Radio New Zealand, 22 February 2017)

Most agree, keeping refugees on Manus and Nauru is cruel: pollster (SMH, 21 February 2017)

Asylum seekers detained in Australia can keep phones for now, court rules (GA, 19 February 2017)

State of the Nation 2017: Refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia (Refugee Council of Australia report, February 2017)

The dubious hope of Australia's refugee deal with the US continues to taunt those on Manus and Nauru. The PM yet again turned down an offer from New Zealand to take 150 refugees from our offshore detention camps. CNN interviewed child refugees on Nauru (6 February). Meanwhile, refugees are fleeing the US for Canada.

Hazara refugee Nabi Zaher's citizenship fight (The Saturday Paper, 25 February 2017) "The case of a Hazara refugee whose Australian citizenship was arbitrarily delayed and vexatiously questioned serves to highlight the Department of Immigration's continued administrative bungling." The question that constantly haunts me: incompetence or malice?
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Let's have some good news!

Landmark win on citizenship provides hope for many thousands of former refugees (Refugee Council of Australia press release, 16 December 2016): "The Minister of Immigration... was found to have unreasonably delayed in making decisions on citizenship applications... The case... provides hope for 10,231 people that the department confirmed were in similar situations... For people who are recognised as refugees, it is extremely difficult to bring family members to safety in Australia without citizenship. As such, delays in processing citizenship applications have left many in prolonged situations of danger and persecution, despite having a parent, sibling or other close relative who has been recognised as a refugee in Australia." | Immigration authorities unreasonably delayed refugees' citizenship bids, court rules (GA, 16 December 2016) | 'Social time bomb': UNHCR's warning on the plight of 30,000 asylum seekers already living in Australia (SMH, 23 November 2016): "Australia faces a "social time bomb" over the failure to process and integrate around 30,000 asylum seekers who are in the community on bridging visas after arriving by boat during the term of the former Labor government."

Melbourne suburb Eltham welcomes refugees (The Saturday Paper, 3 December 2016) Good on them for standing up to the bigots who descended on their community. | Syria war: Peter Dutton open to expanding one-off refugee intake beyond 12,000 (ABC, 21 November 2016). Christians, obviously.

Well, that was nice. Now back to the usual:

Offshore detention report says half of child abuse cases receive inadequate response (GA, 16 December 2016) "Child Protection Board says less than 1% of cases result in criminal convictions and immigration department cannot be sure of number of incidents." This is the context in which Nauru charging a male refugee with sexually assaulting a Nauruan girl under 16 has to be seen: of the numerous reports of abuse of refugee children on Nauru, "Only one case at the Nauru detention centre was referred to the Nauru public prosecutor and the case did not proceed." Nauru's Deputy Police Commissioner, Kalinda Blake, said that reports of assaults against refugees were usually "fabrications", an attitude wearyingly familiar from many years of reading about police and sexual assault.

Offshore detainees' mental illness among highest of any surveyed population: UNHCR study (SMH, 21 Novembr 2016) | A glimmer of hope for damaged detainees on Manus Island (SMH, 21 November 2016)

Photographer Ashley Gilbertson writes in the New York Times: "I Am Ashamed to Be Australian" (12 December 2016). "I've seen people displaced by sub-Saharan African wars that dragged on for so long that their children and grandchildren were born in enormous, forgotten refugee camps. I've photographed the Kurds, who have known only persecution — an entire ethnic group that remains stateless. I've followed Syrian refugee families into the tumultuous Aegean Sea. I've witnessed people trapped at borders and beaten by the police; children separated from their parents, wandering on busy, unfamiliar roads; families literally running for their lives. Sometimes, when they were not fast enough, I've seen people murdered. And yet, in all that time, I have not seen the level of cruelty toward these vulnerable people that the Australian government is perpetrating against the refugees on Manus Island."

Where does Australia rank on its refugee intake? (ABC, 21 September 2016) SPOILER: 32nd.

Fake fishing boats used in asylum seeker turnbacks spotted off Cocos Islands (GA, 28 November 2016) | Vietnamese boats 'unseaworthy', government sources say (SMH, 12 March 2015)

Australian government concedes evidence against asylum seeker was obtained by torture (GA, 26 November 2016): "Sayed Abdellatif is still held in detention in Sydney even though immigration minister Peter Dutton was briefed 18 months ago that evidence used in Egypt to convict him was discredited."
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Debate continues on the proposed lifetime ban on asylum seekers arriving by boat settling in Australia. Refugees in Australia bridging visas may or may not be affected, depending on which Coalition member you ask; they could be deported. Some ALP MPs and Senators are critical of the proposed legislation, but Bill Shorten has stopped short of opposing it.

Contact your Member and Senators and ask them to oppose the proposed ban.

Nauru prosecutors under fire from judiciary in asylum-seeker cases (GA, 30 October 2016). The magistrate's scathing criticisms "call into question Australian government’s insistence that Nauruan system is capable of properly administering justice to the people it sends there."

However, the Nauruan police have finally managed to actually charge someone for assaulting a refugee - in this case, for sexually abusing a six year old boy.

UN human rights investigator to visit Australia's immigration detention centres (ABC, 1 November 2016) An 18 day trip, starting today. Have fun, mate.
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A lot happened this week:

The ABC's current affairs program Four Corners (18 October) ran an expose on Nauru, The Forgotten Children, in which child refugees were secretly asked to speak about their experiences of detention. Politicians and the media pushed back hard. Teacher Tracey Donehue responded powerfully, and the ABC stood by its reporting.

Amnesty International released a new report, Australia: Island of Despair: Australia's "processing" of refugees on Nauru, on 17 October, telling the Guardian Australia: "What we see in Nauru essentially amounts to torture – a system set up to cause deliberate harm to people." The SMH summarised some of the refugees' stories. A New York Times editorial, Australia's Stranded Refugee Prisoners, responded to the report, calling Australia's 'ruthlessly efficient policy' a 'disgrace'.

Doctors freed to speak about Australia's detention regime after U-turn after Amendment signed into law on 30 September (GA, 20 October 2016) | Teachers, social workers demand right to talk about offshore detention centres (GA, 21 October 2016)

'Fear, censorship and retaliation': United Nations rapporteur slams Australia's human rights record (GA, 18 October 2016)

'Trauma and tragedy': Australian detention centre staff to get 'resilience training' (SMH, 18 October 2016)

Nauru files dominate Senate hearing as third detention facility in PNG revealed (GA, 17 October 2016) | New transfer centre for detained asylum seekers set for construction, PNG Government says (ABC, 18 October 2016)

Looking for more information about the suicide of Omid Ali Avaz in March last year brought me to something I didn't know existed: the Australian Border Deaths Database, which "maintains a record of all known deaths associated with Australia’s borders since 1 January 2000".

Catching up on links:

Villawood: Notes from an Immigration Detention Centre (The Shipping News, 5 March 2015)

Police investigate alleged gang-rape inside Villawood detention centre (SMH, 16 August 2016)

Australia's shameful treatment of Sayed Abdellatif (GA, 8 December 2015) Have I used the word 'Kafka-esque' lately?

One man's journey to despair (The Age, 8 June 2014) "Refugee Leo Seemanpillai's journal opens the pages to a gentle, tortured soul."

How Mohammad Nasim Najafi died in a detention centre (The Saturday Paper, 8 August 2015). "Overcrowded prisons mean half of the detainees at the [Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre] are convicted criminals rather than asylum seekers."
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We Care Nauru is preparing to send another load of goods to the refugees on Nauru, this time with Christmas in mind, and are seeking donations. Scroll down their FB feed for images of the previous deliveries.

Meet the forgotten children of Nauru (Four Corners, 17 October 2016) The episode will be shown tonight at 8.30 pm, Eastern Daylight Savings Time - lots of repeats and an e-version too.

Nauru files: review confirms 19 police referrals over abuse claims, yet no prosecutions (GA, 5 October 2016)

Three Nauru refugees volunteer to be resettled in Cambodia (GA, 15 October 2016)

Masoud, the Somali refugee with a dangerous head injury, is still on Manus, where he can't receive adequate medical treatment. His friends have been refused permission to see him.

Catching up on links:

Nauru refugee who set herself alight 'denied basic social support' in Brisbane hospital (GA, 22 September 2016)

The American solution: Could Malcolm Turnbull's promise see an end to Manus and Nauru? (SMH, 21 September 2016)

Newly leaked Nauru reports detail harrowing accounts of sexual abuse and self-harm (GA, 19 September 2016)

Nauru support workers to leave before Christmas after decision not to retender (GA, 19 September 2016) "It is understood the employees [of Connect Settlement Services] were told the services required on Nauru were beyond the capabilities of a settlement agency. The agency is believed to have consistently raised concerns about insufficient mental healthcare and child protection services on the island." Will this strand Nauru refugees without support, or will it force Australia to bring them here?
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Child detainee mental trauma will last, immigration healthcare provider warns (GA, 18 January 2016)

The impact of refugee detention: a true story (Independent Australia, 12 June 2016)

'We are the forgotten people': the anguish of Australia's 'invisible' asylum seekers (GA, 13 April 2016) "Nearly 29,000 asylum seekers are in Australia on temporary 'bridging visas'. These people may be free from detention but – with many denied education, healthcare and the right to work – they remain locked in desperate poverty and with no idea what their futures hold." | Turnbull Government confirms over 28,000 asylum seeker cases unprocessed (ABC, 11 April 2016) | 'Deliberate ploy': Refugees waiting years for citizenship under Turnbull government (AMH, 7 April 2016) The Saturday Paper (5 September 2015) describes this thus: Secret freeze on refugee citizenship processes.

Some good news, at least, when it comes to refugees given permanent visas: Most refugees feel welcome in Australia but housing among greatest hurdles (GA, 1 February 2016). Lotsa stats.

More stats, from the Refugee Council of Australia: Economic Migrants or Refugees?

Paris Aristotle, an advisor who helped put the Pacific Solution in place, has called on the goverment not to use refugees as "human shields" against people smuggling. "...in establishing these arrangements they were meant to be interim and short term and they were precursors into building a wider regional protection framework. It was never envisaged that we would leave people there for long long periods of time... while we have to deal with people smuggling and the government has been doing that, we also then can't resort to strategies ultimately that enable refugee children, women, and men to be used as some form of a human shield against people smuggling..." Aristotle is executive director of the Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture, which has issued a statement urging the government to resettle the refugees in offshore detention.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten says Labor 'open' to resettling refugees in New Zealand (GA, 24 August 2016) Personally I believe it's Australia responsibility to accept them, but the main thing is getting them the hell off Manus and Nauru.

We can resettle refugees in Australia and it's not just wishful thinking. This is how (GA, 5 September 2015) "Australia is also the only country to have deleted all references to the refugee convention from its domestic law. Instead, it has replaced them with a 'self-contained statutory framework' setting out Australia's own interpretation of its protection obligations under the refugee convention. International law makes clear that states do not have the right to auto-interpret their treaty obligations."

The eyes of the world: Australians rally against refugee detention centres (Al Jazeera, 28 August 2016)

The Science Behind Why Most Australians Feel Okay About Tormenting Asylum Seekers (junkee.com, 1 February 2016). How "moral disengagement" cancels out our shame and guilt, and how politicians use it.

A different type of detention (junkee.com, 31 August 2016). What asylum seeker detention looks like in Sweden. "I was surprised to see that [the centre] had no fences and no security guards. The doors weren't padlocked and the surrounds weren't barb-wired. As a foreign freelance journalist it was easy to access the centre, I just had to explain my photo project to the manager and I was free to go ahead with it as I felt necessary — no questions asked. They trusted me." Journalists are barred from Australia's detention centres because this might in a way our government declines to specify, assist people smugglers. (I guess the horror of voters would be more damaging than the horror of potential people smugglees.)
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(Just glancing back through the scores of bookmarks I've never managed to post. What I do post is the tip of the iceberg, and what's reported is only the tip of an even bigger iceberg.)

We Care Nauru continues to send all manner of necessities to the refugees there.

Protection Denied, Abuse Condoned: Women on Nauru At Risk Report (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, 22 July 2016)

Refugees attacked 'on a daily basis' on Nauru, human rights groups say (3 August 2016)

Refugee who broke arm on Nauru has suffered loss of movement in his wrist and fingers, lawyer says (ABC, 10 september 2016)

I've worked in most conflict zones. I've never seen such high rates of trauma as on Nauru (GA, 26 August 2016). "Health problems are simply not being addressed. I spoke with people who suffered several heart attacks, major complications from diabetes, kidney diseases, untreated broken bones, and infections. In most cases, they only got blood tests and Panadol."

'You are terrorists, you make bombs': racist taunts help keep Nauru refugee kids out of school (SMH, 29 July 2016)

Nauru allegations should be included in child sex abuse royal commission, human rights groups say (ABC, 12 August 2016)

Nauru has denied visas to Danish politicians on a fact-finding mission and to Australian MP Andrew Wilkie and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. The Danes were told explicitly by Nauru that they were barred for criticising the treatment of refugees.

Protest gatherings are illegal on Nauru. Refugees continue to protest from behind the fences.

ETA: Some of those older bookmarks: Pakistani refugee in Nauru allegedly hit on head with baseball bat (ABC, 20 July 2015) | One family's brutal journey to Nauru (Canberra Times, 10 June 2016)
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The Combined Refugee Action Group page on Facebook has plenty of information on this Saturday's protests, the paper petition to Parliament, and other information and action you can take.

More than 100 Nauru and Manus staff call for centres to close (GA, 17 August 2016) | 'This is critical': 103 Nauru and Manus staff speak out – their letter in full (GA, 17 August 2016)

'I think I will die here': Nauru asylum seeker who says she was raped begs for medical evacuation (SBS, 15 August 2016)

Revealed: Peter Dutton's extensive briefings about risks and harm to children on Nauru (GA, 17 August 2016)

'Compliant, groggy state': In Nauru's ghost camps, refugees sleep away the pain (The Age, 22 August 2016)

Nauru teacher speaks out about abuse in detention centre (Bega District News, 24 August 2016)

Asylum seekers: Nauru's top court may be forced to decide whether detention is lawful (GA, 18 August 2016)

WA premier says children in detention 'unacceptable', welcomes refugee families (GA, 18 August 2016)

Both Australia and PNG responsible for Manus - Court (Radio NZ, 23 August 2016) | Australia confirms Manus Island immigration detention centre will close (GA, 17 August 2016). "Australia and Papua New Guinea have confirmed that the Manus Island detention centre will be closed but offered no detail on the future of the 854 men held there – except that Australia remains adamant it will accept none of the detainees for resettlement."| Fewer than 20 asylum seekers voluntarily resettled in Papua New Guinea: Peter Dutton (SMH, 18 August 2016)

Manus detainees claim false imprisonment in class action against the Australian government and service providers (SMH, 17 August 2016)

The eyes of the world: Tales of anguish from refugees kept for years in Australia's offshore camps (Los Angeles Times, 23 August 2016) | Former aid worker details abuse at refugee camp (CNN, 17 August 2016) | Danish MP confirms visit to Nauru camp at heart of offshore detention outcry (GA, 23 August 2016) | Folketinget skal studere flygtningelejre på Nauru (Parliament must study the refugee camps on Nauru) (Informatíon, 24 August 2016 - one of many articles, but behind a paywall)| Australian diplomats in UK and New Zealand may be called in to explain Nauru files (GA, 11 August 2016)

The claim that locking asylum seekers up in Nauru and PNG saves lives is bogus (GA, 22 AUgust 2016). "Each person detained offshore in terrible conditions costs Australian taxpayers an eye-watering A$430,000 a year each, according to the National Commission of Audit. Just think how much those people could contribute to Australian society if only a small fraction of that amount was instead spent on welcoming them and getting them into work.

The evidence is clear. The Australian government allocated A$27.8m in fiscal year 2014-15 to support 2,750 'authorised onshore arrivals' (people who arrive in Australia with a visa and then seek asylum), amounting to A$10,100 per person. That much smaller fiscal outlay is repaid many times over as refugees start working and contributing to society, as many economic studies show."

Manus Island bill $2 billion and counting – $1 million for each detainee
(SMH, 21 August 2016)

(Ye gods, I haven't even done a post about Don Dale yet.)
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Manus refugee says he thought he would die after being attacked by locals (GA, 15 August 2016)

After the Nauru files, how can Australia go about ending offshore detention? (GA, 16 August 2016) "John Menadue, the former secretary of Australia’s immigration department, rejected the argument that boat arrivals were linked to continued detention offshore. 'It is very, very unlikely that bringing those 2,000 wounded souls to Australia would restart boats. We are beyond that point.'"

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott were warned Papua New Guinea detention plan was unconstitutional in 2013 (SMH, 16 August 2016) Presumably our leaders hoped the refugees would go away and/or die before this was proved in court.

Can the law come to the rescue of abused asylum seekers and refugees? (GA, 15 August 2016) Lots of possibilities.
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How you can help people held in detention by Australia (GA, 13 August 2016) "There are several refugee and asylum-seeker agencies that exist to help people in mainland detention or who have just left the island centres."

‘They don’t care’: a refugee’s story of reporting sexual assault on Nauru (GA, 13 August 2016)

One day in September: a grim 24 hours in Nauru’s detention centre (GA, 13 August 2016) "Nauru files reveal spike in reported incidents three days after Australia announced its doomed plan to settle refugees in Cambodia. The Nauru files show an average of 2.3 incident reports a day. But on one extraordinary day in September there were 19 reports in total, many of them serious."

Reports of family violence widespread amid despair of Nauru detention (GA, 12 August 2016). "The Australian Institute of Criminology has pointed to 'situational factors' that increase the risk of domestic violence. These include unemployment, poor living standards and overcrowding, stress and difficulty in accessing support."

Life in Nauru detention: a dark, wretched Truman Show without the cameras (GA, 13 August 2016) "Thousands of leaked files highlight the weight of daily frustrations in an overcrowded, overheated dystopia."

Fact check: immigration minister Peter Dutton's claims against Nauru files (GA, 12 August 2016)

Immigration stalled on requests for rape victim’s family to join her, Nauru files show
(GA, 13 August 2016)

Legal advice says inquiry into child sex abuse can examine Nauru regime (GA, 12 August 2016). "The legal advice said the Royal Commissions Act gave commissions the power to conduct extraterritorial investigations so long as they pertained to government."
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Nauru files show Wilson Security staff regularly downgraded reports of abuse (GA, 12 August 2016)

Nauru security guard ‘grabbed boy by throat and banged head against ground’ (GA, 11 August 2016) "Leaked documents in the Nauru files reveal reports of misconduct by numerous officers and alleged attempts to stop asylum seekers complaining to police."

Nauru guard hit five-year-old girl ‘so hard it lifted her off her feet’ (GA, 12 August 2016) "Incident reports show that Wilson Security bosses knew the alleged offender’s name and position, although Senate was later told there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to identify him."

While the Australian government dismisses or downplays the 2000+ reports and Amnesty and HRWs' investigations, the world is taking notice. For example: Missbrauch in Australiens Flüchtlingslager enthüllt (Revealing abuse in Australia's refugee camps) (der Standard, 10 August 2016) | Claims Probed Of Brutal Conditions For Refugees On Island Of Nauru (NPR, 11 August 2016) (Thanks [livejournal.com profile] jeriendhal!)
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A short history of Nauru, Australia’s dumping ground for refugees (GA, 10 August 2016)

Australia: Appalling abuse, neglect of refugees on Nauru (Amnesty International, 2 August 2016) | Australia: Appalling Abuse, Neglect of Refugees on Nauru (Human Rights Watch, 2 August 2016) | Genital mutilation sufferer denied treatment on Nauru, hospital patient discharged with needles in hands: report (SMH, 3 August 2016). "Two researchers from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch spent 12 days at Nauru last month and interviewed 84 asylum seekers and refugees, as well as workers who risked prosecution by disclosing information."

Refugee with growing breast lump has medical transfer from Nauru cancelled (GA, 6 August 2016) "Woman and more than 12 others told their transfers to Papua New Guinea have been postponed for at least three weeks."

Former Save the Children workers say Nauru files 'just the tip of the iceberg' (GA, 10 August 2016) "In an unprecedented statement, 26 former workers, including case managers, social workers, child protection specialists, teachers, and adult, child and youth recreation workers have joined to publicly address the abuses and trauma that occurred on Nauru, and to call for the centre’s closure."

Nauru files reveal cases of alleged sexual violence and child abuse not disclosed to parliament (GA, 11 August 2016)

Nauru guard admits throwing rocks at young children, allegedly injuring five-year-old child (SMH, 10 August 2016).

From pleas to threats to harm: files reveal escalation of trauma on Nauru (GA, 11 August 2016) "The leaked reports chart distress increasing over time as uncertainty takes its toll on asylum seekers and the staff sent to guard them."

Nauru teachers speak out for children: ‘We don’t have to torture them’ (GA, 11 August 2016). "Three Australians who taught asylum seekers on the island say the offshore detention regime is engendering illiteracy and robbing children of their childhood." Meanwhile, a Nauruan trainee teacher responds to two teenage detainees' account of their lives on the island by saying she would like to "slap the lying lips off your face".
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The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention (GA, 10 August 2016). "More than half of the 2,116 reports – a total of 1,086 incidents, or 51.3% – involve children, although children made up only about 18% of those in detention on Nauru during the time covered by the reports, May 2013 to October 2015." The reports include sexual abuse, threats of violence and actual violence, self-harm, and the horrific impact of detention on pregnant women. The GA has a gallery of some of the worst reports and a database.
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First, something cheering: 'Kia ora' - Dunedin's heart-warming airport welcome to Syrian refugees (TVNZ, 22 April 2016)

And an inspiring interview: Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs speaks out (The Saturday Paper, 23 April 2016)

And now back to the usual.

Free The Childen NAURU's latest report, which I will quote in full. "They have lowered the fence because they want you to think we are not locked up. Don't they know that the threat of punishment from the intimidating security, the threat of jail for protesting and taking photos and the deep ocean surrounding the 8sq mile tiny island is like maximum security prison with a twisted psychological torment? You can be locked behind a line drawn in the sand if there is a gun pointed at your head!"

A follow-up to yesterday's posting: Four asylum seekers behind boat journey to Australia sentenced to jail, Vietnamese group says (ABC, 24 April 2016) | Asylum seekers returned to Vietnam by Australian Navy had claims assessed at sea, UNHCR says (ABC, 21 April 2016) "We are concerned that the group wasn't screened and assessed in a way that's fair and effective, that somehow their lives may be at risk."
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Almost half of children returned from Nauru have mental illness, Senate told (GA, 21 April 2016)

Cruelty in Australia’s offshore detention camps (Julian Burnside's blog, 3 April 2016). Witness statements regarding Nauru, Manus Island, and Christmas Island.

Fears for Nauru refugee's safety after couple jailed for abortion in Papua New Guinea (SMH, 15 April 2016). "A PNG couple were last year jailed for five years for causing the death of their unborn child, in a case that raises serious questions about Australia's decision to send a Nauru rape victim there for an abortion. On Friday, Fairfax revealed the case of "S99", a young African refugee who was raped while she was in the midst of a violent epileptic seizure on Nauru. Now, she is nine weeks pregnant and desperate to have an abortion." Abortion is illegal on Nauru. The refugee has already attempted suicide. Bring her to Australia, and let her stay here.

Refugee on Nauru convicted of attempted suicide to 'deter' others (GA, 15 April 2016). To deter people?! Laughable, in a horrific way. As someone with Bipolar II Disorder, I take this ignorant insult - that someone might try to take their own life just to "get what they want" - very much to heart. The poor man and his eight year old daughter will only be safe if they're removed from Nauru immediately.

Nauru Detention Workers Speak Out (Channel 10 news, 9 April 2016 (video)

Nauru asylum seekers contradict Minister's account of fight (PM, 8 April 2016) "Asylum seekers on Nauru are contracting the Immigration Minister’s assertion on PM last night that no children were involved in a fight there this week. They also claim that Wilson security guards threatened to kill them during the disturbance. Asylum seekers don't dispute Mr Dutton’s statement that seven security officers were injured, but they insist those security officers struck the first blows."

Wilson Security’s appalling record on Nauru (The Saturday Paper, 9 April 2016) "Guards came in and started hitting them [seven teenage boys]. We hugged the boys to stop the punching of them. After the meeting there was one guard who started hitting a kid and two guards had to hold him. They couldn’t control him, he was that bad that other guards had to go to him. They later beat one of my friends so hard."

Catching up on links:

“They treat us like animals” – a letter from Nauru on life in Australia’s refugee camps, and why NZ is their last hope (The Spinoff, 24 January 2016)

Powerful Nauru families benefiting from Australian-funded refugee processing centre (Pacific Beat, 29 March 2016)

As a child on Nauru I was NR03-283, but my name is Mohammad Ali Baqiri | Former child detainee held in Nauru to tell UN that Australia must shut down detention camps (GA, 15 March 2016)

Extended detention worsening depression on Nauru and Manus Island (GA, 17 September 2015)

Wilson Security guards handcuffed asylum seeker boy on Nauru as a 'joke' (GA, 28 August 2015)

Nauru assaults and illness covered up by government, lawyers group says (SMH, 28 August 2015)

Guard 'fell down by himself and said I hurt him': asylum seeker speaks out (SMH, 21 August 2015)

ETA: Immigration Warned Staff Not To Give Evidence To HRC Children In Detention Inquiry (New Matilda, 9 June 2016)

Some headlines from last year's Senate inquiry:

ETA: Not seen, not heard, often not reported – the harrowing stories of Australia's detainees (GA, 10 June 2016)

Nauru child abuse claims: No staff charged despite 30 allegations of asylum seekers being abused (SMH, 20 July 2016)

Child asylum seeker alleges rape in shower and 253 Nauru detainees attempt self-harm, Senate inquiry hears (SMH, 17 July 2016)

Transfield: Nauru detention centre operator receives dozens of sexual and other abuse allegations (ABC, 16 July 2016)

Scott Morrison knew of Nauru abuse a year before government acted, inquiry told (GA, 9 June 2015)

Immigration interfered with Nauru asylum seeker diagnoses, Senate told (GA, 9 June 2015)

Claims guards traded cigarettes for sexual favours on Nauru, Senate inquiry told (SMH, 19 May 2015)

Nauru security company Transfield avoids questions on detention centre allegations (SMH, 19 March 2016)
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'They are hitting us': frightening video emerges of overnight riot involving children on Nauru (SMH, 7 April 2016). I haven't got the bottle to watch it. Get those kids the fuck out of there, now.

Accused killer of Reza Barati was at large for a week before police were told (SMH, 7 April 2016) Yesterday, reading that he had escaped jail, I was cynically wondering if the word "escaped" should be put in quotation marks...

Two children remain in immigration detention, Dutton's office confirms (GA, 6 April 2016) Pretty much worthless information now that detention in Villawood and "community detention" are apparently synonymous.


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