Mar. 10th, 2015

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I've switched from insulin to exenatide*, which is more complicated to take, but comes with the huge bonus of decreasing my appetite instead of increasing it. I'm not experiencing nausea, which is a common side effect; I'm eating slightly less at mealtimes and barely snacking at all, which is a major change.

I am concerned the stuff might be giving me a low mood, but as usual there are so many things that could be making me feel down that it's difficult to know which to blame. Bipolar? Sleep deprivation? Menstruation? Actual emotions? Who knows.

* Brand name: Byetta. Made from the saliva of the gila monster, one of the only two known venomous lizards. No joke.
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Firstly, some unsurprising news: "...leaked testimonies from the Moss inquiry... cast doubt on the evidence used to remove nine Save the Children staff from their jobs working with asylum seekers on Nauru... There is speculation the Moss report will be released this week... The transcripts of evidence seen by the ABC contain harrowing testimonies of sexual abuse."

Sanitary Pads 'A Fire Hazard': The Realities Of Life For Mothers And Children On Nauru: sexual abuse, lack of water for showers, laundry, and even drinking, lack of basic health care (including diabetes medications, grrr) - nothing new, in short, just more of the endless parade of cruelty and horror. (I did mention I was a little down, didn't I?) This is despite the enormous costs of running the detention centre, including $24.7 million for health care.

Refugees living on Nauru outside the camp are protesting their living conditions and the constant threat of violence from locals and "living conditions that include a ban on refugees visiting schools, the island hospital, the harbour or the airport". Over a hundred and eighty refugees were arrested in connection with the protests, many complaining of beatings, theft, and mistreatment by police.


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