Aug. 21st, 2015

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Both PNG and Australia have begun forcibly deporting unsuccessful asylum seekers. Apparently because we don't have a deal with Iran to return them, Australia has begun placing asylum seekers back in detention.

Mojgan Shamsalipoor, an HSC student married to an Australian permanent resident, has been placed in detention, as have an undisclosed number of other Iranian asylum seekers. After speaking to the ABC, she was moved from Brisbane to Darwin (her husband, who had been visiting her daily, reports she was dragged on the ground and they were given no chance to say goodbye). Her lawyer has been denied access to his client. Mojgan states she was raped and tortured in Iran and will take her own life rather than return.

An Afghan asylum seeker was deported to Afghanistan. His father, uncle, and brothers have all been killed by the Taliban. He is the fifth Afghan to be sent back by Australia this year, despite this statement from Afghanistan's minister for refugees and repatriation, Hussain Alami Balki: "The situation in Afghanistan has changed now. Most of those who are being returned are coming from the provinces that are very dangerous and those who are being returned can't go back to their provinces. They shouldn't deport anyone because we can't take care of them here."

Refugees forced to choose between PNG resettlement or 'custody in new prison' (GA, 14 August): "If [those assessed as refugees] fail to cooperate [by going to the East Lorengau refugee transit centre]... they will be transferred to... a new facility at Port Moresby, along with those with a 'negative' refugee assessment. They will be held there in custody and the authorities anticipate the conditions will be so intolerable they will 'choose' to return home... those with positive assessments are well aware refugees at the East Lorengau centre are depressed and isolated, with little chance of being successfully integrated into PNG society or being able to survive financially."

Asylum seeker on Manus forcibly returned to Iran by PNG amid court challenge (GA, 15 August) Iranian authorities have seized the man's passport and ordered him to report to police. Up to ten more detainees are similarly at risk of deportation.


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