Oct. 15th, 2015

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Office of Save the Children charity workers raided by police on Nauru (SMH, 13 October 2015):

More on the protest against children in detention by staff at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. The RCH has not confirmed that doctors will refuse to send children back into detention, but at least one mother and child have been spared being returned to Nauru. In an unrelated case, the father of a child with tuberculosis tried to kill himself when the child was cured, as this meant the entire family would be sent back to Nauru.

Nauruan government's Australian PR firm criticised for release of name and graphic details after alleged rape on Nauru (GA, 13 October 2015): "This is a clear message from the Nauru police to other women on the island: if you dare raise your voice, not only will you see no justice, you'll be named and shamed publicly as well."

Nauru police say not enough evidence to prove Somali woman was raped (ABC, 12 October 2015)

Greens criticise 'inhumane' bid to tighten asylum seeker laws proposed by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton (ABC, 14 October 2015): "We risk the very real chance of sending people back to conflict zones and into situations where they will be killed."

Gillian Triggs says companies as culpable as governments (AFR, 9 October 2015): "It has become more important than ever that the corporations and businesses that are complicit in carrying out illegal government policies should themselves bear responsibility for breaching human rights laws."

Detention centre whistleblowers to be protected by Senate probe, undermining Border Force Act: Greens (ABC, 13 October 2015): "Greens and Labor senators voted to continue the committee that looked into the Nauru detention facility... whistleblowers who came forward would be protected by Parliamentary privilege and immune from criminal prosecution."


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