Nov. 1st, 2015

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If the scene starts to be largely about the positioning of furniture, you have gone off the rails.
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"Abyan" is the pseudonym of the Somali refugee who was allegedly raped on Nauru, flown to Australia, then flown back to Nauru, and now will be once more flown to Australia. Australia ignored three requests from Nauru medical staff to bring her here for a termination; presumably it was only when her situation became public knowledge that the government allowed her to come her on the first yo- of her Pacific yo-yoing. (Coincidentally, I learned this week that even Australian citizens may have to travel internationally to obtain an abortion.)

I hope she sues their dicks off.

Lateline (ABC 21 October) revealed further distressing details of the treatment of Nazarin, another rape survivor, whose entire family is now at risk.

The husband of a diabetic pregnant woman pleaded for her to be sent from Nauru to Australia because of her serious medical issues, with no success.

A seriously mentally ill asylum seeker frightened of being sent back to Iran took his own life at Brisbane airport. His is the latest in a series of suicides by asylum seekers on bridging visas.

Transfield given $1.5bn over three years to manage Nauru and Manus centres: "Report by No Business in Abuse says operator paid $1.4m a day and point to 47 violations of international law at the detention centres since Transfield took over." (GA 27 October 2015)

Use of force on detainees in onshore immigration detention soars (GA 30 October 2015) (Today I read a fascinating blog posting from someone who routinely defuses conflict with mentally ill youths without anyone getting hurt. Remarkable what you can accomplish if you train your staff.)

Buying silence? "Charities [including the Red Cross and Save the Children, who just got raided again] were asked to pay multimillion-dollar bonds that could be forfeited if they spoke out against government policy, as the Coalition sought to maintain secrecy over border protection." (SMH 30 October 2015)

Australian officials paid asylum seeker boat crew, Amnesty investigation alleges: "all of the available evidence points to Australian officials having committed a transnational crime". (GA 29 October 2015)

Tony Abbot finally said it out loud: stopping the boats is about race, not water safety: "it is the only way to prevent a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever."

Sydney doctors walk off the job in protest at detention of children: "We think it's torture." (SMH 29 October 2015) | Healthcare workers around Australia protest against 'child abuse' of detention (GA 30 October 2015)

Up to 100 asylum seekers on Manus Island struck by food poisoning (GA 30 October 2015)

'Dad, why are we here?': No money, no life and a baby on the way at Nauru (SMH 26 October 2015)

The two Australian girls and their mother living in 'jail' at Villawood detention centre (SMH 27 October 2015)

After being given the flick by the Philippines, the government is considering sending offshore refugees to Kyrgyzstan - a country I can still just about find on a map after explaining repeatedly on Usenet why refugees from Iran and Afghanistan do not try to settle there. (Nobody seems keen on Papua New Guinea, either, for some reason. Two Rohingya refugees will be sent to Cambodia, lowering the price of our deal with that nation to $11 million per person. Another Rohingya left Cambodia for Myanmar.)

Finally, enjoy a little schadenfreude at the expense of Nauru's PR manager.


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