Nov. 14th, 2015

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Innocents suffered 'unconscionable abuse' after Christmas Island riots, advocate says (SMH, 13 November 2015): "Detainees who had nothing to do with the riot on Christmas Island were kept in cages, denied food and water and forced to urinate on the ground for more than 24 hours after police regained control of the facility."

'Fazel is free now, God gave him a visa' (SMH 14 November 2015)

Fazel Chegeni: Who was the man whose death in detention sparked a riot on Christmas Island? (ABC, 14 November 2015)

Christmas Island riot: Detainees stripped of their mobile phones (SMH, 12 November 2015)

Christmas Island detention: why is Australia deporting so many people? (GA, 14 November 2015). Helpful backgrounder on Section 501 of the Migration Act, the 600% jump in the number of "501s" being detained, why so many people are stuck in detention, and the actual crimes committed - ranging from serious violent crimes to "multiple driving offences" and... nothing.

People smuggler payment scandal: Captain asked Australian official for 'help' (SMH, 13 November 2015). The people returned to Indonesia thanks to the bribe made to the people smuggler taking them to New Zealand have appealed to that nation for help, with no response.

Cash-for-visas could 'help people smugglers and hurt the economy' (GA, 13 November 2015)


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