Dec. 31st, 2015

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Barbara Baynton. Bush Studies. I hugely recommend this classic Australian anthology.
Catherine Chung. Forgotten Country.
Germaine Greer. On Rage. And Marcia Langton's passionate response.
Jonathan L. Howard. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer.
Ann Leckie. Ancillary Justice.
Liu Cixin. The Three-Body Problem.
The Dark Forest.
Lorrie Moore. How to Become a Writer.
Kim Stanley Robinson. 2312.
Philip Sandifer. Recursive Occlusion: an Unofficial Occultism of Doctor Who. Loved it!
Charles Stross. The Atrocity Archives.
Jill Bolte Taylor. My Stroke of Insight.
Alan Watts. Tao: The Watercourse Way.

The Probably Unwise "Man's Inhumanity to Man" Reading List Project:
Anna Funder. Stasiland.
Mark Isaacs. The Undesirables: Inside Nauru.
George Orwell. Nineteen Eighty-Four. I also finally watched the excellent movie version, directed by Michael Radford and starring John Hurt.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Cancer Ward.

Manga etc
Kamio Yoko. Boys Over Flowers, volume 1.
Ven. Miao You (story), Yan Kaixin (art). Wind and Rain: the Life of Ikkyu.

Notable short stories
Charlotte Armstrong, "Miss Murphy"
Barbara Baynton, "Squeaker's Mate"
Kim Tongni. "A Descendant of the Hwarang"

Books bought and borrowed )
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The Ambassador from Wolf-Rayet 134, short story, 2000 words (published in Seasons of War unofficial Doctor Who charity anthology)
Playing for Time, short story, 12,000 words (published in Liberating Earth, Obverse Books, January 2015)

Blakes 7: Mediasphere, novel co-written with Jonathan Blum (Big Finish Publications, August 2015)
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Keeping Mum (short story, 4800 words)
Blakes 7: Mediasphere (novel, with Jonathan Blum)


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