Mar. 31st, 2017

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IIRC the Women's Legal Service Queensland learns today if its budget has been slashed, along with other community legal centres across the country. I'll ETA the news here when I find it.

The good news: North Carolina governor signs bill repealing and replacing transgender bathroom law amid criticism (WP, 30 March 2017). The bad news: the new law forbids local governments in NC from protecting trans people. ETA: Meanwhile in Australia, For some transgender students, the school bathroom is a battleground (ABC, 1 April 2017). SA, WA, and Victoria have guidelines for schools - where are New South Wales'?

Email Australian politicians to tell them to stop stuffing about with plebiscites and just vote on marriage equality already.

What do many lone attackers have in common? Domestic violence (GA, 29 March 2017). "Paul Gill, a UCL lecturer who studies so-called lone wolf terrorists, told the New York Times last year: 'Having a history of violence might help neutralise the natural barriers to committing violence.' In other words, wives and girlfriends make good target practice."

Scrap the tampon tax to win the women's vote, Treasurer told (SMH, 28 March 2017)


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