Apr. 18th, 2017

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But before we land on that unlucky island, I wanted to pass on Dreamwidth's request for donations to All Out to help gay men escape Chechnya.

And also to share some good news: Iranian-born asylum seeker Mojgan Shamsalipoor granted bridging visa (GA, 17 March 2017)

On with the motley.

Drunk soldiers blamed for Manus rampage (SMH, 16 April 2017). "Provincial police commander David Yapu has slammed the 'unethical and unacceptable behaviour of the drunken soldiers' who went on a violent rampage at the Manus Island detention centre on Good Friday. Inspector Yapu said the soldiers assaulted refugees, his policemen, PNG immigration officers and service providers and caused extensive damage to property and vehicles."

Refugee court challenge to be streamed live on Manus Island (SMH, 9 April 2017). Refugees are suing the Australian government for false imprisonment. The case begins in May and is expected to run for 6-7 months, "the largest and most forensic public examination of events and conditions at the Manus Island detention centre".

Harrowing allegations at Senate refugee inquiry (SBS, 14 March 2017)

Manus refugee Faysal Ishak Ahmed, who collapsed and died, sought medical help 13 times in two months (GA, 10 February 2017)

Port Macquarie journalist Nikala Sim says she wasn't arrested or detained on Manus Island (Port Macquarie News, 18 April 2017)

Manus Island centre to close by year's end (Sky News, 8 April 2017). According to Papua New Guinea, it's already closed. Or it isn't. Australia says it's still open, and so, confusingly, does PNG, who plan to close it by October. Hell is bureaucracy.

Manus Island refugees' fate uncertain if not settled in PNG, US (ABC, 8 April 2017) Neither government has a plan. PNG has had little success in resettling refugees, but one journo argues we'll consider it their problem anyway: "I can tell you what the Australian Government is going to do about the refugees on Manus Island who won't be resettled in the United States. Nothing". Unsuccessful asylum seekers are already being refouled. (The Prime Minister did not discuss the forcible return of Hazara asylum seekers when he met President Ashraf Ghani earlier this month.)

I haven't posted much about the refugee swap deal with the US because, tbh, I don't know what to believe. Neither do the refugees. Amnesty has called the resulting psychological damage frightening.

Asylum seeker deported from Manus fears for his life in Lebanon (The Age, 22 March 2017) | Nepalese asylum seeker 'in hiding' after shock deportation from Manus Island (ABC, 3 March 2017) | The UN is concerned that some of the decisions about whether the refugees are legitimate may have been made in error.

Manus Island refugee arrested for alleged sexual assault of 10-year-old girl (GA, 7 March 2017). The MP for Manus, Ronnie Knight, threatens both a lawsuit against the Australian government (fair enough) and the massacre of the refugees by locals (wait, what?). ETA: Manus Island asylum seeker charged with rape (GA, 24 January 2017)

Satire, free speech and Mehdi Savari (The Saturday Paper, 31 March 2017) "Censorship and persecution of comedians is one indicator of a repressive regime. So why is Australia detaining a comedian on Manus Island?"

Immigration department suppressed detention contractor's name due to boycotts (GA, 29 March 2017)

Port Moresby hospital staff failed to attend to dying Hamid Kehazaei, inquest told
(GA, 13 February 2017)


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