Apr. 19th, 2017

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PNG authorities investigate allegations soldiers shot at Manus Island detainees (ABC, 18 April 2017)

Detained refugee Abdul Aziz Muhamat's podcast The Messenger

Iranian refugee Loghman Sawari who fled PNG granted bail (ABC, 15 February 2017)

'The torture in my country is transparent, in Australia it is not obvious' (The Age, 12 January 2017). Rohingya refugee Imran Mohammad writes from Manus.

Manus Island refugee who had breakdown found 'hungry and homeless' (GA, 11 January 2017) He is severely mentally ill and cannot be treated on the island; instead, he has been jailed multiple times.

Fear deliberately spread on Manus Island (The Saturday Paper, 28 January 2017) The detainees were told that the locals were cannibals; the locals were told that the detainees were terrorists. Janet Galbraith reminds readers not to simplistically regard the Manusians as villains; they, too, are the victims of Australia's detention policy, lied to and used as a dumping ground for our problems. (I have here a slender tome by Sean Dorney, The Embarrassed Colonialist, about Australia's colonial history with PNG, to which I must apply myself.) | The detainees, too, should not be "stereotyped", writes Michael Gordon: "The truth is the Manus detainees are a mixed bunch, including writers, artists and professionals; men so traumatised they still refuse to leave their rooms after the violence that engulfed the centre in 2014; and some who drink too much and chase women; those who consider themselves the walking dead and those who retain the capacity to dream and hope."

As well as criticising Australia's offshore detention regime, Human Rights Watch is critical of Papua New Guinea's failure "to protect women and children, or to respond to corruption and police violence".


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