Apr. 21st, 2017

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Contradicting refugee, police, and navy accounts, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton stated that the armed attack on the Manus Island detention centre was sparked when locals saw refugees leading a five-year-old boy towards the centre. Papua New Guinea police say that a ten year old boy approached the centre to ask for money, without being led there, and this was entirely unrelated to the attack. The boy was safely returned to his family. Manus MP Ron Knight: "Dutton should get his facts right and stop inflaming the situation."

I am too gobsmacked to comment.

While I'm here: refugees will be among those hardest hit by the new White Australia policy the proposed changes to the citizenship test.

Rohinhya refugee Imran Mohammad Fazal Hoque, detained at the centre, writes: 'I have never experienced safety since I was born': Life in the Manus 'death centre' (SMH, 21 April 2017)


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