Apr. 25th, 2017

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Peter Dutton demands apology from media over Manus controversy (GA, 25 April 2017)

The incident a week or more ago in which a ten-year-old boy approached the detention centre on Manus Island, was given food, and returned safely to his parents, did not spark the violent attack on the centre. However, there's a danger that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's insistence that it was a factor, and his innuendo that the boy was taken there to be sexually abused, could trigger further violence. I firmly believe this should be the end of Peter Dutton's time as Minister for Immigration. He should either produce the evidence he says he has, which contradicts the statements of the police, navy, and witnesses, or he should resign. When even Andrew Bolt says you should put up or shut up, it's time to put up or shut up.

Contact Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and ask him to replace Peter Dutton as Immigration Minister:

Contact Peter Dutton and ask him to either produce the evidence he says he has, or resign:

Dutton's Manus Claims Could Inflame Community To Murder, Manus MP Claims (Huffington Post, 24 April 2017) MP Ron Knight is also furious at Dutton's continued insistence that he has better information than those "on the ground". (Interestingly, Dutton claims Knight is a "discredited witness" as he has been dismissed from the Papua New Guinean Parliament for corruption. How about the police commander and the navy, Mr Dutton? Are they also "discredited witnesses"?)

How Dutton comes out of dispute about Manus claim goes to the question of character (The Conversation, 23 April 2017)


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