Sep. 8th, 2017

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As Allison Gallagher argues in the Guardian, the "No" campaign against marriage equality has long made trans and non-binary children and adolescents into "scapegoats". They can't win an argument about consenting adults, so instead they're attacking the Safe Schools anti-bullying initiative and the acceptance of LGBTI+ youngsters. As well as campaigning for the "Yes" side, we need to support those vulnerable, valuable kids. With that in mind, some links (some are from past posts but are still relevant).


Trans young people at alarmingly high risk of suicide and depression, report reveals (ABC, 1 September 2017)
Support services for at-risk queer Aussie youth (Star Observer, 25 November 2016)
Safe Schools program ditched in NSW, to be replaced by wider anti-bullying plan (ABC, 16 April 2017). It had better include material specifically aadd sex and gender; bullying, and homophobia and transphobia, are closely linked.
Sexual fluidity: Living a label-free life (ABC, 4 October 2016)
Australia's secret history of sexual fluidity (ABC, 3 October 2016)
The reality of Safe Schools (GA, 14 December 2016)
Crossroads program: should we teach children that gender identity is fluid? Here's what the research says (The Conversation, 16 September 2016)
Gender fluid: Girl, boy, non-binary (Lateline 23 March, 2016)
Majority of LGBTI Australians experience bullying, harassment: Human Rights Commission report (AM, 10 June 2015)
Transgender people face the highest level of harassment of LGBT+ Australians (SMH, 31 March 2015)
Beyondblue research reveals alarming levels of homophobia in teenagers (SMH, 31 March 2015)
What does bathroom anxiety feel like? (ABC, 4 April 2017)
Organisation Intersex International Australia | Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) Support Group Australia

And from the US:

Trans Students Have Caused Zero Incidents in Bathrooms Nationwide (3 June 2015)
Supporting and Caring for Transgender Children (Human Rights Campaign / American Academy of Pediatrics / American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians guide, 29 September 2016)


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