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So hungry. Can't eat. 9.7 on waking, though. 9.7! Are the increased meds working at last??? Stay tuned
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I've lost three kilos in three weeks. Do not congratulate me. I wish I could wholly attribute this slimming miracle to my suddenly extremely diligent diet, but weight loss is a symptom of hyperglycaemia. And losing your appetite is a symptom of having what for want of a better description I shall call having a nervous breakdown. (Shrink tomorrow. Shit, I have no idea what time.) Oh well gift horse etc
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and I neither died not freaked out!

Admittedly, the Valium helped. And it was only intramuscular B12. BUT STILL. First shot I've had since 1995.

My B12's actually not terrible now, but a squirt of the stuff every few months will make sure it stays OK. My iron's heaps better and my vitamin D is fine. My cholesterol is up lots, though, which is just what you'd expect when you suddenly stop taking a cholesterol-lowering drug like Questran. Dr K has given me a cholesterol-lowering drug to try out.

My blood sugars are still rubbish - 15.5 after breakfast ffs, hb1Ac 9.0 ffs ffs. Off to the endocrinologist we go. GIMME THE INSULIN, DOC, I CAN TAKE ANYTHING. Except oral erythromycin.


Jan. 12th, 2010 11:09 pm
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I should probably cut the rest of the week's Sumerian classes. It's stinking hot, my vision is blurred, I'm knackered, I have PMS, and I'm sick of the sight of cuneiform. But this morning, while struggling with the latest building inscription, my eye hit a transliterated phrase, and I just read it. Didn't have to go through it syllable by syllable, grammatical component by component, I just read: "When the goddess Nanshe gave him kingship of the city of Lagash". ZOMFG!!11!!!

Saw the doc this afternoon. She reckons the Questran, or rather the lack of it, is not likely to be the culprit. Anywho, more meds, more blood tests, and if I'm still doing badly in a couple of weeks we'll bring my endocrinologist appointment forward. *tests* 15.7 ffs
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Oh for fucking fuck's sake. One of the side effects of Questran - the drug I've stopped taking after twenty-three years - is that it lowers your blood glucose. They're actually trialling it as a new diabetes therapy. No wonder my blood sugars have gone up! The question is, what the hell do I do now? Go see my endocrinologist, that's what.
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&*)^%&*)%&*)! I got my blood sugars back down after the Xmas panic - now they're back up again. I mean, ffs, 13.7, something like six hours after eating, including an hour at the gym. What gives, body?!
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My blood glucose readings are coming down, but they're still too high, and my vision is still blurred. It's not all bad news, though - just finished my first workout in a couple of weeks, and not only has it ripped my blood sugar down from 13 to 7, I've somehow managed to lose a kilo and a half as well. Over Christmas! I must be doing something right. Tell you what, though, those big numbers on the BGM put the fear of the god into you. Right now I'm like that king in the story where he finally loses weight because his latest doctor tells him he's going to die in a month and he's too scared to eat!
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Xmas with the family was brilliant, but stress and a sleepless night in horrid heat discombobulated me completely! It wasn't until we were packing yesterday morning to leave my brother and sister-in-law's place that I found my weekly pill container and realised I hadn't taken my morning meds for two days straight, including one of my diabetes meds - which is why my vision was blurred enough to answer the Buzz question "Which rock star appeared on the cover of Sergeant Pepper?" with "George Clinton". D'OH D: Back on the tablets now, of course, and just in time to avoid Zoloft withdrawal. (And testing blood glucose religiously.)
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Saw the endocrinologist. My long-term average blood glucose is OK (HbA1c = 7.1), my triglycerides and cholesterol are OK, my kidneys are undamaged, and I've lost five kilos in six months. In short, diabetes is under control at the mo. Yay me.

Alas, I have some sort of bug, which is making my innertubes a bit wobbly, and worse, has given me joint pain all over. Nurse Jon has provided massage and hot water bottles, not to mention making his own dinners, gods bless him.

I would post something coherent about wider society's contempt of fandom because it's play engaged in by adults (I think it was The Joy Of Sex which said bed was the only time grownups get to play), the relationship between fan fiction (play) and writing for publication (work), the contempt of each age group for the next younger group, and the hierarchies of literary snobbery in my head, but frankly I'm too knackered. *goes back to bed*
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Got a very unlikely 15 this morning. Tried warming up my hands and the bgm and got a 13. Riiight. Called the Accu-Chek hotline, who suggested getting some new test strips - the ones I have now are close to their expiry date. Oh, I would love these dodgy readings to be a technical error.
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Blood glucose of 13.0?! I'm a dead woman. Oh well, off to the specialist next week.

In unrelated news, I wonder if it's realistic for me to try and not buy anything for a week, starting today. Let's see.
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(What a ridiculous facial expression. I suppose I'm trying to convey a sort of philosophical acceptance. Frankly it looks more like embarrassment.)

Start the day with a good breakfast and plenty of drugs, that's what I say!
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Gods, what a day. Glory poisoned hypomanic all morning, then absolutely buggered in the afternoon. And I forgot to take my Zoloft until the evening. Oh well, at least the podiatrist gave my diabetic tootsies a clean bill of health, along with a pedicure.
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November's HbA1c: 9.1
May's HbA1c: 6.9


(In English: my control of my blood glucose levels had become very poor. In the long term, high blood sugar damages the kidneys, the eyes, the nerves, everything. With the help of dietician, gym, and medication, I now have those levels firmly back under control. Plus further tests show my kidneys are fine. *whew*)
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Remember kids, a hypo is Nature's way of saying, "Shit, fucken HYPO!!!"
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Still annihilated. Random notes. Proper stuff about issues and questions raised at panels later.

On Sunday night I switched on the TV and there was David Tennant in full Scottish rant; Secret Smile was on. ("Make the plot so utterly ridiculous that no one will guess for a minute what's going to happen," commented The Dominion Post.) This is like when I flew to the US in 1995 to meet Jon for the first time and Fairytale with Paul McGann was on in the plane, causing me to bzuh.

A million rockers were in town for a combined Alice Cooper / KISS concert, which meant that the far smaller contingent of SF fans in black T-shirts blended in nicely. Although admittedly we didn't, on average, look as hot. (Commented The Dominion Post, "A pair of old rockers cuddled in front of me. A man plastered in tattoos let out a cry of unbridled pleasure as Alice Cooper started into Poison. It was clear: bogans were people too.")

After going CAPSLOCK CAPSLOCK CAPSLOCK at the auction for two hours, I brilliantly decided it would be a good idea to skip one of my diabetes medications at lunch, to avoid the chance of a hypo. Which meant I ended up even more knackered, since it's the Diabex that gets the glucose into my cells so they can do useful stuff like thinking and talking. I was a total zombie for the whole afternoon and evening and ended up watching most of a Hugh Grant film on TV. Fortunately my one remaining panel, Writing Female Characters, was a civilised and genteel affair, unlike the vigorous fray of the Torchwood panel (I was hoping for actual bloodshed, but we ran out of time).

Frank appears to have developed Stockholm Syndrome or something; I left the cats' cages lying around, and he's decided his is a comfy place to curl up.


Dec. 13th, 2007 05:01 pm
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1. Saw the endocrinologist. I've lost a bunch of weight, my blood sugars have come down, not only do I not need insulin yet but I can actually cut back on my medication.

2. Found some awesome old eighties Australian songs via Ebay. Remember With Closed Eyes by The Expression ("I always close my eyes to look into the sun")? Jo Jo Zep's Taxi Mary ("Don't be such a nasty boy - you wanna squeeze me tight and call me honey")? How about Paul Kelly's Darling It Hurts ("to see you down in Darlinghurst tonight")?
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I'm not going to talk exact figures, but since we got back from the US, I've been losing weight steadily. Regular workouts are helping, as has been a change in my eating habits - I'm being much more careful about how much I eat between meals, and what I eat. I think the change in my diabetes medication, and the consequent huge improvement in my blood glucose levels, is also contributing. Getting the blood sugar back under control has certainly meant I have a lot more energy - the cells of my body can actually grab and use that fuel now - which of course means I can get more exercise and spend less time lying about like a pile of rubble. In brief, w00t.


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