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Be wary of studies that link mental ill health with creativity or a high IQ (Guardian 21 August 2015). "The idea that genius and madness are intertwined is an ancient one. But in truth, in this desperately underfunded field, we don't even have objective tools to diagnose disorders of the mind, let alone back up claims such as this." The main effect of Bipolar II Disorder on writing, in my case, is the inability to actually do it.

Reading Shakespeare Has Dramatic Effect On Human Brain (Science Daily, 19 December 2006). "Shakespeare uses a linguistic technique known as functional shift that involves, for example using a noun to serve as a verb [causing] a sudden peak in brain activity and forces the brain to work backwards in order to fully understand what Shakespeare is trying to say."

Tips for working with someone with Aspergers (Penelope Trunk, 17 October 2012)

Kids Helpline: Increase in emergency interventions, more than one third of young people experiencing mental health issues (ABC 20 April 2015)

Australia's suicide rate could be halved in five years with European approach, researchers say (ABC 26 June 2015)

Nearly half of all patients hospitalised after suicide attempt receive no follow-up mental health treatment, research shows (ABC, 9 August 2015) | Black Dog Institute suicide attempt study finds that patients get no follow-up (SMH, 3 September 2015) |
Medical staff 'negative, angry and irritated' towards patients who have attempted suicide, report shows (ABC, 3 September 2015).

Mapping will be used to pinpoint areas of high male suicide and self-harm (ABC, 9 October 2014)

Studies confirm that the leading cause of death in young Koreans is suicide (Omona They Didn't, 30 April 2015)

Concern post-traumatic stress leading to an increase in number of veterans in prison (ABC, 16 October 2015)

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I've been on Brintellix for a year now, and it's been a miracle drug for me. It's kept me going and doing it's job far longer than any other med I've taken. The dose has never needed to be adjusted, either.

AND - recently, my employer's health plan complimented a new policy where any medication that is taken on a regular basis for an ongoing condition is completely covered! Heck, that increases my mood right there!

Date: 2015-08-24 06:22 am (UTC)
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I'd been down for a long time without realising it. Last week the doc increased my Cymbalta from 90 mg to 120 mg. Miracle cure! Must be placebo.


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