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Mastercook 6 has suddenly stopped working. I made the mistake of shelling out the twenty bucks for Mastercook 9 from ValuSoft. All it does is malfunction in every possible way. Do not.
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With my -oscopies coming up on Tuesday, a special diet is needed: today, a low-fibre diet, and tomorrow, clear fluids only. (Actually, the doc only told me to avoid eating anything with seeds today, but I decided on a more cautious approach, 'cos I do not want to have to do this twice.) Out of the usual paranoia, I've been jotting down everything I've eaten today, which includes a cheese omelette, a small yoghurt an entire miniature Camembert, a grilled fish fillet and a few chips, some goat's cheese and water crackers,, an affogato, and rather a lot of orange M&Ms. I think there is little danger of my starving to death. :)


Aug. 6th, 2009 10:14 pm
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Oh good heavens. I think I may have an intolerance to oyster mushrooms. Apparently they're high in arabitol, which can irritate the gut. I had a rather unhappy afternoon after lunching (otherwise excellent) Vietnamese vegetarian food, and I was also struck down after Chicago TARDIS last year after devouring an omelette containing the things. I may have to add the little beggars to the list of substances which really ought not to pass my lips, including dried apples and textured soy protein.
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In between catastrophising about my obviously imminent demise, I've been reading up on the vitamins and minerals I'm lacking, and I have a rather embarrassing suspicion that in fact my diet is deficient in them. It's been a long time since I thought about my nutrition in any other way than "Is this low GI and low fat?", and I'd just assumed that guzzling supplements would cover any gaps.

I knew a bit about B12, which is the bugbear of vegetarians. It's absorbed in the same bit of the small intestine that's supposed to absorb bile salts (aka bile acids), the terminal ileum. I don't absorb these properly, so it's not unreasonable to assume I'd also be having trouble absorbing B12. Might need shots or something to get around this.

I've been Googling up a crash course on iron and vitamin D - neither of which are absorbed in the terminal ileum. The Recommended Daily Intake for iron for a woman of my age is 18 mg. I may need more because of my menorrhagia. If I absorb every bit of the iron in my supplements, I'm still only getting 15 mg. Plus - and if I ever knew this, I'd forgotten it - the type of iron found in animal flesh, haeme iron, is more readily absorbed by the body than the type of iron found in vegetables (eggs, too, and my supplements). Luckily I'm actually pescan, rather than properly vegetarian, so I can get more iron by eating more fish and prawns. Should try some clams and oysters, too. Plus taking vitamin C at the same time improves absorption. I'm investigating which are the best sources of vege iron.

As for vitamin D, the doc's got me on 3000 IU a day - if that builds up my reserves, then we know it's not a malabsorption problem. Plus I'm trying to get 10 minutes of sunlight a day, to give my body a chance to make its own supply.

Think I'd better go see the dietician again, too. I've started keeping a food diary again for this purpose.

(Good grief, there's a lot of bs online about nutrition! The above notes come from reliable sources, like guvmint info sheets, and I've been comparing what different sources have to say and checking some of the science in pubmed. It helps me enormously to blog about it - helps me remember and plan.)

ETA: My path results say that metformin, one of the drugs I take for my diabetes, can be involved in B12 deficiency. Verrry interesting. Also, Questran, which I take for the bile acid malabsorption, can cause vitamin D deficiency. Verrrrrry interesting.
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Jack continues to be the most popular Australian boys' name.

The "Quick and Easy Veggie Meals Under a $1.50" FAQ

... gah. Anybody got anything else light and amusing?

ETA: Moving Tribute to Michael Jackson. God bless you, Nick Walters.
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• Vegan French toast, made with bananas instead of eggs and milk.

British placenames rendered literally, from The Atlas of True Names.

• "A rock painting that has been hidden for almost 200 years of an early Australian explorer believed to be Ludwig Leichhardt will be shown to non-Aboriginal people for the first time."

• The Australian Federal Police Web site explains Citizens' powers of arrest.
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Oy gevalt, here comes Passover. (And there goes veganism, at least for a week. :)

ETA: Holy cow - yeast extract isn't chometz?!

ETA: And I just found out that Osem is owned by Nestle. Gah
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I ordered a bunch of soy jerky from an online shop, Vegan Essentials. Their site says they'll confirm international postage before processing the order, and asks you to mention this when ordering. I did. They didn't. They charged me $AU20 for postage, roughly doubling the price of the order.

Good jerky, though. *om nom nom*
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My CPAP mask has gone funny. I keep being woken up by sudden blasts of cold air to the eye. Unsurprisingly I am so tired today I don't know up from down. Plus! My right ankle - and I am not exaggerating this - is twice the size of my left. Overdid it at the gym last night, methinks. I saw the foot surgeon last week; I may need another MRI, and possibly a couple of surgeries to fix the mess a second time. Just have to see how it goes. In other news, I've gone a bit vegan, which may explain why my weight has fallen despite the foodly excesses of the NZ trip; cutting down on eggs and cheese means removing a huge whack of saturated fat from my diet. I'm not trying to be strict about it - just exploring the alternatives, which for a foodie like me are full of interest.
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Which is greener: imported organic food, or locally produced conventional food?

(Obviously the greenest choice is locally produced organic food - if you can afford it - but not everything is available in this, erm, format.)
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Getting over the trip - had a really good day out, running a million errands, even doing a little bit of writing work (from which I have decided to give myself a week off) - the whole plot of a short story set in the Neolithic, featuring one of the many heroes of my childhood imaginings, basically came to me in a waiting room. (Tsuchi, outcast rabbit-woman paladin, my alter ego around age 11. Tell me about yours.)

Plus I randomly decided to have Korean for lunch. Despite my embarrassing lack of the language, I managed to convey that I'd like the tofu seafood hotpot without seafood. Of course you get all these side dishes as well - the famous kimchi, which I actually liked this time (might have been the less spicy version for wimpy weigugin), pickled cucumbers, scrambled eggs in broth, and potato to which something completely delicious had been done. It was COMPLETELY BRILLIANT. I've brought home a "teach yourself Korean" kit so I can at least learn to say "thank you".
700 words today: chapter 1 is now 1300/4000 words. And now, gorgonzola dolce, rapidly followed by unconsciousness.
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5 Superpowers From the Bible That Put Marvel and DC to Shame. "Jesus told them they were faithless wusses and the disciples shut up. If that wasn't cool enough, he chewed out the storm, and it shut up, too. That has to be our favorite part, how he's just annoyed by the whole thing, as if being bothered to stop an entire weather systems was equivalent to getting woken up by your girlfriend to go kill a spider in the bathroom."

Nudibranch checking the time

[livejournal.com profile] rainbowjehan pwns (so no change there, then).

Review of Flat Earth: The History of an Infamous Idea.

Handy! NSW Food Authority Register of penalty notices.

XKCD on, of all things, fanbullying. Kewl.

[livejournal.com profile] ryuuri_chan demonstrates how she draws chibis!

[livejournal.com profile] illudiumphosdex demonstrates the mighty phonofiddle!

Dark Phoenix cosplay, Blimey!

Elsie's stunning poem 64 Birds.
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Woke up at 5 in the morning with a completely inexplicable panic attack. Oh joy.

I blame the Limburger.
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Slept round the dial. Good-oh. *stretches and yawns* Let's see what's going on out there in Australia.

Things not to do: don't abuse airport staff, verbally or physically. Your hassles probably aren't their fault. Also, they may have the power to make your life hell.

It must be the sunspot cycle: the press are regurgitating 90s stories about the Death of Feminism and the Man Shortage. Adele Horin cracks me up: "The man shortage is a vastly overrated problem. From where I sit there seems to be an excess of men. In parliaments, in businesses, in universities, in my own home. I can't get away from them."

Australia's federal government ends discrimination against same-sex couples.

Bowel screen program hits fund crisis, despite saving hundreds of lives. (I myself do one of these simple tests every year, even though I'm a little young, because God only knows what's going on in there. It's not the ones being mailed to older Aussies - you just pick it up at the chemist's.)

Study shows young Aussies not apathetic: "They are strongly engaged with political issues and social causes such as the environment, poverty, health and an Australian republic. However, they feel alienated and marginalised by old, formal, institutionalised politics."

ETA: NSW Food Authority Register of penalty notices. A handy list of eateries busted for uncleanliness and other HORRORS.
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More Food Channel shows:

The Soup
The Mole
Danger Mousse
The Muensters
Life On Mars Bars
Movie: The Sand Wich Project
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Torchfood: Meat
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Pho
Quatermass and the Pie
Buffet the Vampire Slayer
The Eggs Files
Knight Fritter
Doctor Who: Mac of the Roni
Movie: Planet of the Crepes
The Bill


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