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They're doing Torchwood in the US *slaps forehead* Well, of course! That's what all the delays and mystery and conflicting reports have been all about! Should've realised ages ago!

Please please please let the character suggested by the Guardian's analysis be in it. Mount Fandoom would crack the crust of the planet.
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lolarious article about cat strollers. "'I originally bought them a leash and trained them at home with it but they kept lying down.'" "Asked if she was planning to have a child, Ms Marino said: "'As you can see, we need one.'"

You can tell the good Captain is offworld: Jack has been knocked off the top spot for babies' names.

Stop watching Doctor Who, you idiot! Now this is a very interesting blog post (some thoughtful comments, too). I read a lot of honest, intelligent criticisms online, but it's hard to understand why people keep watchin' and kvetchin' if they're getting nothing but disappointment. Or are they still enjoying some aspects but not talking about them? Or is it the social glue of shared disapproval? It's a puzzle.

Croakers is an essay from the Nation about Michael Jackson and William S. Burroughs.

And finally:

I have a short story in the latest Torchwood magazine! Bwee!


Sep. 12th, 2009 09:34 am
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SPOILERS: Torchwood - Children of Earth

Torchwood Children of Earth SPOILERS )

(Nice moment: audience cheers for James Moran. :)
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SPOILERS: Torchwood: Children of Earth

Declassified )
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Someone on TWOP claimed that RTD dismissed criticisms of the Cyberwoman costume by saying he couldn't be expected to understand women. In search of the original quote or whatever which was distorted into this obvious bollocks, I came across a merciless review of the episode, which provided what I think is the quote in question ("There are a lot of men on the team who were absolutely determined to make that Cyberwoman costume as sexy as possible. I've got no idea what they mean.") but also the observation that Lisa performed a brain transplant on herself. Oh dear. I'd never thought about that before.
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SPOILERS: Torchwood - Children of Earth

Bean counting )
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Last year I posted mourning the demotion of the word misogyny from its original, powerful meaning, "hatred of women", to a mere replacement for the word "sexism". Language naturally changes like this. But I was reminded that we're going to need a new word to describe woman-hating the other day, when I observed a self-described lesbian feminist describe a weakly sexist remark by RTD as "resounding misogyny".

Can't talk about this in detail without SPOILERS for Torchwood: Children of Earth.

COE: raising so many interesting fannish issues since a couple of weeks ago )

ETA: Only really posted all of that because I hit the word "misogynous" in Erica Jong's Fear of Flying, on which I decided to make an assault this evening. I'm starting to worry I'm only contributing to the problem by banging on about it here, as though the overwhelming majority of fans were not perfectly sane on the subject, so I think it's time to take a break.

ETA ETA: Although I suppose we're going to need a new word for "homophobic", too.
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SPOILERS for Torchwood: COE

Why it's not going to work, ladeez )
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(Have Canada and NZ had COE yet? That's usually when I give up protecting spoilers.)

SPOILERS for Torchwood: Children of Earth )
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Comic Con Torchwood Panel. (SPOILERS up the wazoo, of course.) Whew. I think we got through it without anyone embarrassing themselves too much.

Also online, a summary of the Who panel, in which you'll hear Julie Gardner say: "I think the only reason John Barrowman stole things from set is so he could be strip-searched on the way out."

ETA: The Guardian has a similar blow-by-blow report on the panels with more details.
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SPOILERS: Torchwood: Children of Earth

Random links and thinkage. Simply disgusting quantities of shipping. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Did I mention there were SPOILERS? )
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Folx - pop over here and donate a few quid to Children in Need as a thanks to the Torchwood showmakers, especially poor James Moran, who's borne the brunt of fannish spleen. I thank you!

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SPOILERS for Torchwood: Children of Earth

Torchwood SPOILERS )
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SPOILERS: Torchwood: Children of Earth



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