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The proposal for Strange Flesh, five chapters and an outline of the whole novel, is now complete.
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In terrible shape, but working on the novel nonetheless. It's going to the agent next week come hell or high water. Have finally resolved the bloody languages problem yey.
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First Draft (chapters 1-4, 6), 22,350 words.
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Far out - I'm within spitting distance of a complete First Draft. I may yet get this sucker done and dusted by the new year.
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Trying to get to Draft One. Which means filling in all the fiddly little missing bits, and making decisions which have been put off for months (well, do they send probes to new planets first, or don't they? Who can speak what language?! etc). Plus adding some extra local colour details to the settings, which came out a bit cardboard on the first attempt.
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That's Draft Zero. Still plenty of work to do, but every scene of the five sample chapters is there. Now for a nap.
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Work to the novel,
Live to the novel,
Love to the novel,
Slave to the novel
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Right then, Strange Flesh. You kill my father. Prepare to die.

ETA: Using my kitchen timer - 30 minutes writing, with no interruptions (especially teh splat!) except for loo or coffee. Then 15 minutes housework. Then back. I can get a lot done if I don't fall into my net-addicted stop-and-start pattern.
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I want to swipe a quote - the bit where Saavik says to David, approximately, "The time has come for total honesty between us." Anybody got the movie and a mo to check the exact wording for me? (Incentive! You get to name a planet too!)

ETA: Got it! Thanks, folks!
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It's either 27 degrees or 37 degrees, depending on which Web site I look at, but in either case it's been perfect weather to hide in the one air-conditioned room in the house and flail about with the novel. I desperately need to get a few synonyms for "grin", though.
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When I write, I am not in pain.

When I am not writing, I am worrying about washing up cleaning house garden real estate agents too many books not enough reading getting to the gym what's for dinner now what's wrong with me I never meditate travel shopping laundry and why I always feel that, no matter what I'm doing, I'm cheating and failing and malingering and slacking because there is something else I'm supposed to be doing.

Which I am. This. *typing noises*
Rewriting Strange Flesh now after leaving it to ferment for some time. What's missing from that first draft are the descriptions that "bring a story to life". I'm not just talking about the old writer's trick of "What does the setting smell like?", either - I hadn't actually described the setting of the opening chapter, nor the narrator character, at all. A bad old habit of mine. But easily fixed!
The first draft of the outline and sample chapters of Strange Flesh are complete.

Now to forget all about it for a couple of months.

*falls over*
The draft sample chapters (1-3,5) of Strange Flesh are complete at about 17,000 words. Now I just need to tidy them up and write an intelligible outline and I'll be ready to inflict them on certain victims before sending them off to Potential New Agent. *falls over*
Yesterday and today: working through a giant pile of notes on Strange Flesh, including feedback from Jon (top flight as usual) and numerous cryptic scribbles of my own. Only a few hundred new words, but lots of fixes. Next week I have to get back to Yet Another Other Writing Project.
Last night, somewhere between waking and sleeping, my brain coughed up the answer to a Strange Flesh plot problem which has been driving me nuts. Thanks, brain!
Woke up at 5.30 am. Back to bed at 8, up again at 10. Knackered now. Writing, but it's like pulling teeth. 600 words of Strange Flesh.
Finished off a small Other Writing Project and managed 500 words of Strange Flesh. Given how I feel right now, this is an epic accomplishment. Yay me.
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Back to work this week. Have a new version of Wild Honey on the backburner, as well as that Tsuchi story I mentioned; did a little thinking on each one yesterday, as well as refamiliarising myself with Strange Flesh. Lots of collaborative projects and other peoples' stuff to get back to, plus a skerrick more of Other Writing Project. Also realised with a dreadful thump that Accelerated Dragon is spinach and I'm going to have to rethink it from scratch.

Today: 500 words on Strange Flesh.


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