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... is giggling like a helpless idiot, then trying to explain the Plan Pony at great length to someone who actually only wanted to know which show you were watching.
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Via [livejournal.com profile] fritters: cat shower. Wet head! Towel off, eh.

[livejournal.com profile] silverblue tweeted: Nuns on counseling condom use and AIDs prevention in PNG: "We are getting very old and hard of hearing, and Rome is a long way away."

Via [livejournal.com profile] qthewetsprocket: A FREAKING ENORMOUS SPIDER and many amusing responses thereunto. Don't click if you know it'll freak you out! (Oops - you need to join [livejournal.com profile] whatwasthatone to see it!)

Rubbish attempts at feminism in 70s superhero comics. (Did anyone in the real world ever actually say "male chauvinist pig"?)

1950 anti-health care reform ad.

Sesame Street's Roscoe Orman. A lost relative?
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Sleep's all messed up. No surprise there - I slept all day after the hospital, then all night, then long naps in the morning and afternoon, so ping, there I was at 3 am, on the sofa with a book light and The World's Greatest Stories For Boys And Girls, being stared at for hours by an eerily immobile demon-eyed cat who wanted his breakfast.

Anyway. I am of course a wreck today, so am on the sofa, watching the 1997 Cracker episode One Day A Lemming Will Fly on my mum's recommendation. You were right, mum - Eccles is pretty amazing in it. There's a misogynist* streak to Jimmy McGovern's writing which raises my hackles, but it's really something when he puts masculinity under the microscope, as here - the best scene, IMHO, is just three men sitting in a room, banging their horns together. And oh my gods, that ending! Bastard!!!

(btw, the IMDB cast for the episode is messed up - this is more useful.)

ETA: lol, mum emailed to say the episode of Eccleston excellence she had in mind was actually the following one, To Be A Somebody. Into the rental queue!

*In the original sense of the word, "woman-hating", not the fannish sense of "arguably slightly sexist".
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The joys of rewatching half-forgotten old TV faves: I've just seen baby!Edward James Olmos and baby!Dean Stockwell exchange gunfire, followed by sarcastic remarks from baby!Jerry Hardin. (For certain values of "baby" here, you must understand.) It's the 1985 Miami Vice episode Bushido, from which also comes the ever-useful quote, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" (Bonus trivium for Jon: the quote in the Subject line is delivered by David Rasche.)
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I have a wee girlcrush on the script editor of Moving Wallpaper. Or maybe I just want to be her.
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What the heck was that TV show they made us watch in primary school in the seventies, where the kids go into the bush with their teacher, who falls off a cliff and perishes, and then it's so cold they have to burn their map to light a fire? I assume it was an Australian show - there was a lot of British telly around, but it must be tougher to get lost in the wilderness in the UK than it is Down Under. I vaguely recall something about their following a river and finding a hermit living in a shack, possibly on the beach.
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Season 2 of The Lakes is a bit rubbish.
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Ulysses 31

Gods, I'm feeling unmotivated today.
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Bit premenstrual and weepy today, and rewatching Our Mutual Friend, which I first saw in 1998. SPOILERS for Charles Dickens lol )
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So, what were you doing on Wednesday 26 September 1979? People in Canberra were watching a surprising amount of the test pattern. And, of course, Doctor Who, although I'm not certain which episode. Not to mention Harry Butler and The Inventors. And Community Billboard! For some reason this fascinated me as a child, especially the inexplicable cartoon of an English sheepdog that accompanied announcements about Housie.


Jan. 17th, 2009 05:15 pm
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Dance offs:

Pocoyo. Do not miss Elly's arrival on the dancefloor, around the 5 minute 30 second mark.

Black Books
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Can anyone identify the genius responsible for this image?

I adore this outfit. Seriously, it is beautiful. I wish he'd kept the scarf on.

The NYT on Internet book shopping: Bargain Hunting for Books, and Feeling Sheepish About It

Rover sends us holiday snaps from Mars.

It kills me that this caption competition had to specifically instruct us not to slash him with the dog.

Robert Heinlein's 1940 short story —And He Built a Crooked House is available online in its entirety. I read this as a teen and it permanently warped my mind.

7 Classic Kid's TV Shows Clearly Conceived on (Bad) Acid. Mainly notable for the #1 choice.
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You must at once seek out and watch the Lost in Space episode The Promised Planet (3.19 - disc 5 of the box set). I rented it because I remember being puzzled and a little frightened by it as a small child - something to do with scary teenagers who wore pyjamas all the time and had teaching machines and no parents. It turns out to be the most gloriously drug-addled thing I think I have ever seen: a serious Star Trek sort of story about children who can't grow up which has somehow been pureed in a psychedelic blender. SPOILERS )
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I haven't seen Miami Vice 3.6 Shadow in the Dark since high school, but it stuck in my brain at the time, and I'm so pleased to discover it still works: it's atmospheric and stylish; has marvellous, simple, doomladen music; the dialogue avoids being too on-the-nose; Don Johnson's acting is adequate to the task; and the guy who plays the bizarre burglar who draws Crockett into his madness, Vincent Caristi, does an extraordinary job, almost entirely without dialogue. Even the viewer feels like there's method in his madness by the end of the story.

Also, Castillo does have brown eyes. Was Edward James Olmos wearing contacts then? Is he wearing them now? wtf?
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Just cleaning out some of my billion bookmarx, so you may already have seen some of these...

"They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is..."

Ray Bradbury sells prunes

Nelly needs to go to Box Hab...

... or perhaps not.

Big Pig - "Breakaway". (But what are they singing in the bit that's not in English?)

Richard Hammond, dungeon bitch
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Continuing to watch The Making of Me in bits. JB's genuine emotion when a scientist reckons orientation is determined in the womb is rather sweet. But the best part so far is when he talks (with commendable respect) to the "ex-gay" guy. Firstly, because the narrator explains that John's having trouble finding any "ex-gay" guys to talk to him, with thirty of them turning him down: you can't help but think this is because they figure, in the face of Barrowman Power, their hard-won "heterosexuality" will vanish in about four seconds. >:) And secondly, the reason I'm using so many "quotation marks": the "ex-gay" guy makes it abundantly clear that he is still homosexual. For him, men are like cigarettes or chocolate - something he has chosen to abstain from, rather than something he no longer desires. This brings to mind one of those cartoons where a ravenous character sees the person sitting opposite them as a roast chicken, or in this case, a family-size block of Cadbury's.

Also, Scott pwns.

ETA: The relevance of the "nature or choice?" debate struck me as I rummaged in New Scientist and discovered UK MP Iris Robinson's shameful remarks. Homophobes claim that same-sex attraction is "not natural" and can be "cured". Decades of science knock those claims down like houses of cards. However one may personally feel or what one's church teaches: God made teh ghey.
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1. Mork in Wonderland. Mork shrinks to such a tiny size that he falls into a parallel universe. The story turns out to be terrible rubbish, but it powerfully affected me as a youngster (I guess I was about ten). To this day I have weird nightmares about shrinking into another world, and sometimes being trapped there. I even have a funky little spaceship to do it in, which looks like a seashell. No sign of that in the M&M ep.

2. Blood Moon. As splendid as I remember from my immense Quantum Leap binge, I think in 1994. Everyone in it gets the joke and plays their role absolutely to the hilt; Sam and Al's banter is at its peak; the music is great (it's on the soundtrack album - a great organ piece based around the fugue 'n' toccata).

3. Battle of the Planets, but better still, the immensely superior Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, of which more shortly.


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