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Frank has done this a couple of times: gone to sleep standing up on my desk, with his head resting on Tim.
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Bit premenstrual and weepy today, and rewatching Our Mutual Friend, which I first saw in 1998. SPOILERS for Charles Dickens lol )
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One of these pictures has nothing whatsoever to do with Strange Flesh. Can you guess which it is?

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A few of the ones I didn't end up including in my IBARW posting...

Warning BIGness )
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A long delayed report! Someone gave me one of these awesome knitted Daleks at Conjunction (and I was half asleep on tranks when it arrived, and cannot remember who it was that popped it on me, D'OH). Then two more arrived by post! Boundless glee and gratitude to all Dalek donors! (Darling, how much of a plug do you want- can I sneakily refer people to you if they want to order some?)

Daleks! But are their intentions friendly?

Or fearsome?

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Spotted at the Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago, during our lightning visit in September last year.
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On my left, my little brother, Andrew aka the Ant aka [livejournal.com profile] irritant01.
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Yesterday I was reading about Buddhism and suddenly grasped that everything is impermanent precisely because it's empty. Which was very exciting for me, but probably meaningless to most of you, so here's Frank The Unmoveable with a counterargument. He looks as though he has always been in that spot, and the universe was obliged to accrete itself around him.

That's what four in the morning gets you, folks.


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